JUNE 7, 2023

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Tiffany Janzen

Tiffany Janzen

Developer Advocate @ Stackbit


Tiff is a Developer Advocate at Stackbit. She focuses on building community by educating and providing resources to help developers build better websites. Outside of her 9-5, she runs a tech community, TiffinTech, which reaches millions of people each month through sharing career advice, future tech, coding, and more.

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Building a Headless Architecture: Balancing the Needs of Your Marketers and Developers

To ensure that both developers and marketers benefit from a headless architecture, it's important to define a CMS that allows marketers to easily manage content and optimize customer experiences without impacting the back-end development process. To achieve this balance, there are several best practices to consider when designing a CMS for a headless architecture. For example, APIs can be used to create communication between the CMS and the back-end, allowing developers more freedom to build new features while marketers still have control over user experience.