JUNE 7, 2023

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Stanisław Sokołowski

Stanisław Sokołowski

Head of Product Design @ Boring Owl


Head of Product Design at Boring Owl, based in Warsaw, Poland. Started as front-end developer, spent most of his professional life as UX/UI analyst and designer. Nowadays leads product design department, taking care of and supervising design and development process of web and mobile applications. Wannabe musician.

Social Media

Automated content creation with ChatGPT and DALL-E 2

Our tool allows users to fully automate the creation of content for blogs, applications, social media, movie scripts, and much more inside of Strapi, based on simple keywords. Along with all the content it also takes care of all the technical SEO elements such as keywords, metadata, schemas, image description, etc. During the presentation, we would like to demo the whole process of creation, automation and scheduling , as well as show the viewers how it affects search-engine performance based on Boring Owl website.