JUNE 7, 2023

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Shaheen Karodia

Shaheen Karodia

Engineering Team Lead @ Bash


Shaheen is an Engineering Team Lead at Bash, a South African fashion and lifestyle shopping platform. He has extensive startup experience, using technology to tackle some of South Africa's hardest problems from frictional unemployment to the student housing crisis. He has a keen interest in sustainable food sources and continues to assist Africa's first cultivated meat company with their web presence. He is passionate about effective altruism and using his career to do good in the world.

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Driving multi-brand content in e-commerce

In an attempt to migrate 10+ brand websites and two mobile apps into a single consolidated platform, bash.com, we needed to provide each brand with a first class experience to manage their store presence on Bash within 7 months. Without a first class CMS like Strapi we would have missed our deadline. This talk covers what we've achieved, and the mistakes we have made along the way.