March 16 & 17, 2022

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Mateusz Wojczal

Mateusz Wojczal

CTO @ Escola / Wellms


Full-stack web developer with 16 years of experience. Starting as an ActionScript developer, I have experience with PHP and JavaScript as well, building websites and applications. Since 2011, I have been leading software house Qunabu Interactive, now Escolasoft, where I held the Chief Technology Officer role. I communicate effectively and work well in teams from around the world. Creator of Wellms - the world's first headless LMS. Considers himself React, Laravel, TypeScript, Jamstack expert.

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Testing Strapi controllers with Jest

The presentation will cover code from my repository Staring with Adding tests to new/existing Strapi application and setup the whole stack, then writing and running sample tests, finishing with configuring Continuous Integration with Github Actions.