March 16 & 17, 2022

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Josh Penfold

Josh Penfold

CEO @ Spruce Goose LLC


I have been involved in eCommerce for over 18 years and sales of over $1B. I am an experienced dynamic leader in operations, sales, marketing, and channel management. I have won industry awards and have given back to help others grow through mentoring, coaching, and volunteering. I love developing strategy to launch new products and channels while at the same time like to get my hands dirty into site operations and UX. To me, Ecommerce is something that has to be woven into the core of a business as its touches on so many pillars of a company.

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A robust app foundation. Building a B2B marketplace with Strapi

If you think Strapi is just a CMS, then you have not seen its true power. While Low and No code solutions are out there to provide a start to building a SaaS app, they often fall short and do not scale outside their gated ecosystem. Strapi, with its flexible schema, logic, and ease of creating endpoints, provides a solid foundation to build almost any SaaS application. Learn how we used Strapi to build a SaaS site with e-commerce, CRM, PIM, and 3 user portals with an almost stock version with a few custom rules and middleware.