JUNE 7, 2023

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Adrien Etaix

Adrien Etaix

Director @ Pixel Alliance


Hey there! I'm Adrien, a 29-year-old based in Barcelona, and I have the privilege of being the head of Pixel Alliance, a 360 digital agency. I'm passionate about metal music, and I love channeling that same energy into creating digital products that captivate and fascinate users.

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Enabling Sonos deployment in new markets with Strapi

Sonos, a renowned audio technology company, approached our agency to find the best solution for enabling their product deployment in new markets. After careful consideration, our agency selected Strapi, a flexible Headless CMS, to fulfill Sonos' needs. By utilizing Strapi's capabilities, we enabled Sonos to easily adapt product information, marketing materials, and localized content, enabling the company to successfully penetrate new markets and establish a strong presence. Through our partnership and the implementation of Strapi, Sonos can confidently navigate international expansion and connect with a wider audience.