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Charlotte Vermandel

Charlotte Vermandel

Software Engineer @ MeiliSearch


I’m a software engineer from Paris. My first experience with a computer was around eight years old, when I started playing SIM CITY 2000 on a Windows 1995. After I had enough of burning cities, I went online and became instantly hooked! Around the age of 14, I created my first phpBB forum to role-play online, and since then I have continued to improve the experience by creating numerous scripts and tools on these forums. Today, I work at MeiliSearch, the open-source search engine. I’m in the team that creates scripts and tools (how convenient). After years of complex ElasticSearch queries, I fell in love with the simplicity MeiliSearch offers in adding a neat search experience to my apps. My work consists of 10% coding and 90% console logs. But I’ll tell you I use the debugger if you ask 🤫. Apart from coding, I love board games and play a lot of indie games (preferably pixel art ones, yes it’s an important detail).

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Integrate open-source search into your Strapi project

I will present the problematics of in-app search with a quick recap of the state of search today. Then I will introduce MeiliSearch as a solution and explain how it solves the problems mentioned before. Finally, I will show through a demonstration how to use it simply with Strapi collections using the plugin we created.