Speakers - StrapiConf

Learn more about all the awesome StrapiConf speakers and breakout sessions

Alexander Lichter

Web Dev Consultant @ Developmint

Alexandre Bodin

Engineering Lead @ Strapi

André Eriksson

Founder and CEO @ Encore

Anisha Malde

Developer @ IBM

Arlene Zavala

IT Project Manager @ San Services (Sandals Resort)

Aurélien Georget

Co-founder, CPO @ Strapi

Bart Witteveen

Architect @ Smartshore Ability

Bolaji Ayodeji

Developer Advocate @ Commerce Layer

Brent Griffin

Chief Strategy Officer @ Motiv Solutions

Chad Carlson

DevRel Engineer @ Platform.sh

Charlotte Vermandel

Software Engineer @ MeiliSearch

Chris Sev

Sr Developer Advocate @ DigitalOcean

Ekene Eze

Developer Experience Engineer @ Netlify

Francois Lanthier Nadeau

CEO @ Snipcart

Guillermo Rauch

CEO @ Vercel

Heiko Voigt

Lead Architect @ SIT GmbH

Jim Laurie

Co-Founder & Chief User Success Officer @ Strapi

Liz Parody

Head of Developers Relations @ NodeSource

Maricris Bonzo

Developer Advocate @ Magic

Marion Ott

Front-end developer @ Unlikely Technology

Mateusz Ziarko

Engineering Manager & Principal Engineer @ VirtusLab

Maxime Castres

Growth Hacker @ Strapi

Melissa Garr

Frontend developer @ Motiv Solutions

Pierre Burgy

CEO @ Strapi

Praveen D

Developer Advocate @ Hasura

Robert Douglass

Chief DevRel Officer @ Platform.sh

Rohit Kataria

Customer Solutions Engineer @ Sentry

Roy Derks

Ambassador @ Saleor

Sam Bhagwat

Cofounder and CSO @ Gatsby

Scott Agirs Neminskis

Full Stack Developer @ iJS.to

Stanislav Mihić

Senior Software Engineer @ Minus5

Tamas Piros

Developer Experience Engineer @ Cloudinary

Ukpai Ugochi

Freelance technical writer @ Logrocket, Hitsubscribe

Vladimir de Turckheim

Software engineer @ Sqreen